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The Board comprises four directors, including a joint chairman and CEO who has executive responsibilities, including the day-today management and financial control of the Company.

All directors are actively involved in operations and will continue to be so until the Company’s operational commitments are adequately funded over the medium to long term. All work on a part-time basis to ensure that management costs are kept to a reasonable minimum, but this does not detract from the effective management of operational and development activities. Warrants and share options are used as an alternative to fees to minimise the Company’s running costs.

All the non-executive directors have a successful track record in establishing and developing fledgling oil and gas companies and are fully committed to using their experience to benefit all shareholders.

The Board meets formally four times per year but the UK-based directors meet to review operational and administrative progress with technical and administrative consultants about fortnightly.

There are formally constituted Audit and Remuneration Committees (below). There is currently no formal Nominations Committee as the Board as a whole will participate in all relevant decisions.