Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment 2017-11-13T11:50:38+00:00

A Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Policy is posted on the Company’s website and HSE Management Systems are prepared for each of the company’s operations.

The Group is committed to best practice, consistent with IFC guidelines and the “Equator Principles” in its management of social issues in its areas of operation. Planning to manage the environmental impact is very comprehensive and adherence to the spirit, as well as the letter, of Environmental Impact Assessment is a fundamental aim. Through its subsidiary Neptune Petroleum (Uganda) Limited the company carried out a comprehensive community and social management programme details of which are provided below.

Tower had wider objectives with respect to health and safety in its area of operations and health and safety continue to be a key objective in all areas of Tower’s operations for employees, contractors and members of the local community.

Where the Company’s operations result in a material increase in road traffic, the Company maintains stringent controls for drivers and contactors engaged in the company’s operations to limit the incidence of road accidents.