Social Policies

Social Policies 2016-11-18T14:26:14+00:00

Tower places great importance on establishing good relationships within the communities in which it operates.During its operations in Uganda, Tower completed a programme of water well refurbishments to increase access to safe water and this is directly linked to the quality of health of the people.

This was coupled with education of the local communities on disease control and road accident prevention practices, mainly through sensitisation visits, radio talk shows and provision of relevant information at a project visitors centre. Tower assisted the local community in the implementation of traffic calming measures in the local towns, and as a result, the number of casualties from road accidents has been dramatically reduced. Tower aims to commit up to 1% of its exploration budget to funding carefully selected social projects agreed through consultations with local stakeholders, creating sustainable benefit to the host communities.

Local relationships are facilitated by focused social investment projects established after consultation with national and local government and the communities themselves to establish the greatest need and the potential for sustainability.