Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy 2016-11-18T14:26:34+00:00

Tower Resource’s strategy is to build a high impact pan-African explorer with a balanced portfolio which spans the exploration spectrum from frontier exploration to near-term, drill-ready prospects and that is capable of yielding material discoveries in the event of success.

The company aims to achieve this through:

  • High-potential, entry stage, exploration licences with large equity interests (50-100%) that provide the flexibility to farm-out whilst retaining a material exposure in the event of success;
  • Seeking small equity stakes (10-25%) in predominately onshore, low cost, near-term drilling opportunities via the farm-in route;
  • Maintaining the capacity to operate throughout the exploration and appraisal phase of a licence;
  • The pursuit of value creative corporate and asset acquisitions using a combination of equity, cash and/or asset swaps and where stranded assets or illiquid portfolio would prosper within a broader portfolio, such as Tower’s.