Tower’s appointment of P.D.F Limited as its Outsourced Exploration Department (OExD™) gives the group a key advantage amongst its AIM competitors.

The strategic alliance with P.D.F. Limited gives Tower access to a team of approximately fifteen seasoned geoscientists and the use of leading edge software, such as the full Paradigm® suite, which is a market leader in interpretation software. This has been achieved at a lower cost to Tower than if these services were to be brought in house.

P.D.F Limited has a multi-disciplinary team and has a successful track record in New Ventures, Exploration and Development work across the world and has specific expertise in the fields of seismic mapping, structural geology, sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology, field geology and thermal maturity/charge modelling. The exploration team has the capability and reach to provide a full range of exploration geoscience expertise and is fully integrated into the management team at Tower Resources providing asset management and new ventures high-grading capabilities.

the P.D.F. team

P.D.F. Ltd consists of a team of approximately 15 seasoned geoscientists experienced in international exploration projects.