The following table sets out the Directors shareholdings and percentage interests in the issued share capital of the Company together with interests in warrants and options:

  Shareholding % of issued
share capital
Number of
Number of
Jeremy Asher 359,131,081* 20.4% 180,000,000 623,801,700
Paula Brancato 13,966,103
Dr Mark Enfield 1,877,546† 0.1% 13,999,801
Total 361,008,627 20.5% 180,000,000 651,767,604

* 1,805,308 of these shares are held by Agile Energy Limited, which is owned by the Asher Family Trust of which Jeremy Asher is a lifetime beneficiary.
† 1,808,144 of these shares are held by Geoscience Equity Ltd of which Mark Enfield is the beneficial owner.