The current number of shares in issue is 1,729,911,416. No shares are held in treasury.

In accordance with AIM Rule 26 the following investors are identified as having a significant (3% or more) interest in the Company.

Jeremy Asher* 339,131,081 19.6%
Monecor (London) Limited 112,846,754 6.5%
Robert Finch 104,957,060 6.1%
Lansdowne Partners 51,595,370 3.0%

* 1,805,308 of these shares are held by Agile Energy Limited, which is owned by the Asher Family Trust of which Jeremy Asher is a lifetime beneficiary.

The current number of share options outstanding are 245,500,000 (8.96% of fully diluted share capital).

The current number of warrants outstanding are 765,647,730 (23.3% of fully diluted share capital).